[TZInfo-users] Update schedule?

Mark Beattie mark at empoweredwireless.com
Tue Nov 11 21:57:46 EST 2008

Hi Phil, thanks for your reply.

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 11:10 AM, Philip Ross <phil.ross at gmail.com> wrote:

> The svn trunk currently contains the latest version of the data
> (2008i), but I haven't had a chance to make a release yet. I'll try
> and sort this out in the next day or two.


> TZInfo 0.3.11 uses version 2008g of the tz database. As far as I can
> see the America/Caracas zone hasn't changed since version 2007j, so
> 0.3.11 should be giving you the correct results.

 I knew the latest version had the correct details, but didn't know how many
versions ago it had been updated.

> I saw your post on the tz mailing list
> (http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.time.tz/2455). Why do you think
> that TZInfo is reporting an offset of -4:00 for the Caracas zone?
> Using TZInfo 0.3.11, I get the correct result (-4:30):
> >> Time.now
> => Tue Nov 11 23:59:23 +0000 2008
> >> TZInfo::Timezone.get('America/Caracas').now
> => Tue Nov 11 19:29:27 UTC 2008
> >> TZInfo::Timezone.get('America/Caracas').current_period.utc_total_offset
> / 3600.0
> => -4.5
> The tzinfo module for Caracas you've posted also shows that the last
> transition sets the offset to :o2, which has an offset of -16200
> seconds (-4:30 hours, the same as the tz database extract).

Thanks for pointing that out. I can see where I was mistaken - we're using
the tzinfo_timezone plugin for Ruby on Rails which claims "This plugin
installs a replacement for the TimeZone class. The replacement uses the
TZInfo library (http://tzinfo.rubyforge.org) to do the time
zone conversions" but I see now that they've actually hard-coded the UTC
offset labels for display purposes and have set Caracas to -14400.

Looks like it's resulting in correct calculations though:

>> TzTime.zone = TimeZone['Caracas']
=> #<TzinfoTimezone:0x1782a48 @tzinfo=#<TZInfo::DataTimezone:
America/Caracas>, @utc_offset=-14400, @name="Caracas">
>> TimeZone['Edinburgh'].now - TzTime.now
=> Thu Jan 01 04:29:59 UTC 1970

My apologies for the false accusation :)

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