[TZInfo-users] population numbers?

Sanjay Vakil svakil at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 16:17:52 EDT 2007


In the docs, it talks about a given country's list of TZs being
organized geographically, and then by population.

Is the population data available?  Could it be made so?

Here's why:

I'm using javascript to get a UTC offset.  And then using that offset,
along with the country that the user's selected, to attempted to guess
at the correct timezone.  The code only has one axis to work on -- how
close the offset is.

As such, it automatically grabs the very first entry that matches.  In
the case of Canada, a GMT-4 shows us as "Blanc-Sablon" rather than,
say, Montreal or Toronto.  If the population data were to be
available, I'd use that to sort all of the matches and choose the most
populous one.


The world tends to work out for me.  I try to give it reason to.

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