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Philip Ross phil.ross at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 15:54:12 EST 2007

On 12/11/2007, John Sheahan <johnsheahan at charter.net> wrote:
> Hi TZ users,

Hi John,

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> I just installed the tz gem and am trying to follow the example on
> http://tzinfo.rubyforge.org/doc/
> I put the following in my controller at the top (not under any def)
>     require 'tzinfo'
> I then put the following under one of my definitions in my controller
> for the page I want the time to be displayed on:
>       tz = TZInfo::Timezone.get('America/New_York')
>      @local = tz.utc_to_local(Time.utc(2005,8,29,15,35,0))
> I was trying to call this in my view with this statement which doesn't work:
>     <td><%=@ local %></td>
> I'm obviously calling this incorrectly, would you have any suggestions?

Everything looks ok apart from the bit where you are trying to output
local. There shouldn't be a space between the @ and the variable name:

  <td><%=@local %></td>

If you are still having problems, please post some more details of the
error you are getting and I'll take a look.



Phil Ross
http://tzinfo.rubyforge.org/ -- DST-aware timezone library for Ruby

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