[TZInfo-announce] TZInfo v1.1.0 and TZInfo::Data v1.2013.6 released, project moved to GitHub

Philip Ross phil.ross at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 22:48:10 UTC 2013

TZInfo version 1.1.0 and TZInfo::Data version 1.2013.6 have been
released (the latter based on version 2013f of the IANA Timezone
Database). TZInfo:Data version 1.2013.5 was also released earlier
today (based on version 2013e of the IANA Timezone Database).

You can use 'gem update' to upgrade if you already have the tzinfo or
tzinfo-data gems installed. Gem, zip and tar.gz files can also be
found at http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=894.

The TZInfo and TZInfo::Data source repositories and issue trackers
have now been moved to GitHub. The TZInfo repository can be found at
https://github.com/tzinfo/tzinfo. The TZInfo::Data repository is
available at https://github.com/tzinfo/tzinfo-data. The mailing lists
and releases page will remain on RubyForge for the time being.

The tzinfo v1.1.0, tzinfo-data v1.2013.5 and tzinfo-data v1.2013.6
releases are all signed. The certficate can be found in the git


Changes in TZInfo v1.1.0:

* TZInfo is now thread safe. ThreadSafe::Cache is now used instead of
Hash to cache Timezone and Country instances returned by Timezone.get
and Country.get. The tzinfo gem now depends on thread_safe ~> 0.1.
* Added a transitions_up_to method to Timezone that returns a list of
the times where the UTC offset of the timezone changes.
* Added an offsets_up_to method to Timezone that returns the set of
offsets that have been observed in a defined timezone.
* Fixed a "can't modify frozen String" error when loading a Timezone
from a zoneinfo file using an identifier String that is both tainted
and frozen. Resolves #3.
* Support TZif3 format zoneinfo files (now produced by zic from tzcode
version 2013e onwards).
* Support using YARD to generate documentation (added a .yardopts file).
* Ignore the +VERSION file included in the zoneinfo directory on Mac OS X.
* Added a note to the documentation concerning 32-bit zoneinfo files
(as included with Mac OS X).

Details of the changes in 2013e and 2013f of the IANA Timezone
Database can be found on the tz-announce mailing list, archived at the
following locations:


Phil Ross
http://tzinfo.rubyforge.org/ -- Ruby Timezone Library

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