[TZInfo-announce] TZInfo v0.3.21 Released

Philip Ross phil.ross at gmail.com
Fri May 28 17:43:45 EDT 2010

TZInfo version 0.3.21 has been released (based on version 2010j of the
underlying tz data).

Gem, zip and tar.gz files can be found at
http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=894. You can use 'gem update' to
upgrade if you already have the tzinfo gem installed.

Changes in this release:

* Updated to tzdata version 2010j
* Change invalid timezone check to exclude characters not used in
timezone identifiers and avoid 'character class has duplicated range'
warnings with Ruby 1.9.2.
* Ruby 1.9.2 has deprecated "require 'rational'", but older versions
of Ruby need rational to be required. Require rational only when the
Rational module has not already been loaded.
* Remove circular requires (now a warning in Ruby 1.9.2). Instead of
using requires in each file for dependencies, tzinfo.rb now requires
all tzinfo files. If you were previously requiring files within the
tzinfo directory (e.g. require 'tzinfo/timezone'), then you will now
have to require 'tzinfo' instead.

Phil Ross
http://tzinfo.rubyforge.org/ -- DST-aware timezone library for Ruby

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