[TZInfo-announce] TZInfo v0.1.0 Released

Philip Ross philip at ross.org.uk
Sun Nov 27 19:27:50 EST 2005

Version 0.1.0 of TZInfo has been released (based on version 2005n of the 
underlying tz data).

Major changes in this release include some significant performance 
improvements and support for handling ambiguity when converting from 
local times to UTC.

The full list of changes in this release:

* period_for_local and local_to_utc now allow resolution of ambiguous 
times (e.g. when switching from daylight savings to standard time). The 
behaviour of these methods when faced with an ambiguous local time has 
now changed. If you are using these methods you should check the 
documentation. Thanks to Cliff Matthews for suggesting this change.
* Added require 'date' to timezone.rb (date isn't loaded by default in 
all environments).
* Use rake to build packages and documentation.
* License file is now included in gem distribution.
* Dates in definitions stored as Astronomical Julian Day numbers rather 
than as civil dates (improves performance creating DateTime instances).
* Added options to TZDataParser to allow generation of specific zones 
and countries.
* Moved TimezonePeriod class to timezone_period.rb.
* New TimezonePeriodList class to store TimezonePeriods for a timezone 
and perform searches for periods.
* Timezones are now defined using blocks. TimezonePeriods are only 
instantiated when they are needed. Thanks to Jamis Buck for the suggestion.
* Add options to TZDataParser to allow exclusion of specific zones and
* Exclude the Riyadh Solar Time zones. The rules are only for 1987 to 
1989 and take a long time to generate and process. Riyadh Solar Time is 
no longer observed.
* The last TimezonePeriod for each Timezone is now written out with an
unbounded rather than arbitrary end time.
* Construct the Rational offset in TimezonePeriod once when the 
TimezonePeriod is constructed rather than each time it is needed.
* Timezone and Country now keep a cache of loaded instances to avoid 
running require which can be slow on some platforms.
* Updated to tzdata version 2005n.

GEM, zip and tar.gz files can be found at 
http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=894. You can use 'gem update' to 
upgrade if you already tzinfo installed.

Philip Ross
http://tzinfo.rubyforge.org/ -- DST-aware timezone library for Ruby

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