[typo] Paperclip integration

Lars Tobias Skjong-Børsting lists at relatime.no
Sun Jan 20 18:28:47 UTC 2013

Hi Richard,

On 12/4/12 7:57 AM, Richard McGain wrote:

> I have been using typo hosted on heroku for a few months now with
> only a few issues, first and foremost of which is image uploads (which
> obviously don't survive a server restart).

Same issue here.

> I have been thinking about adding S3 functionality via the paperclip
> gem to solve this problem for myself. Would anyone else find this
> useful?

Yes, definitely. I talked to Frédéric about this last year, and I
suggested using Fog. I didn't know about Paperclip, but it seems to be
easier to implement the functionality using it.

Paperclip requires ImageMagick and optionally Ghostscript, and Heroku
supports ImageMagick and Ghostscript.

Best regards, Lars Tobias

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