[typo] Typo's memory growth

marcel marcel at oak.homeunix.org
Tue Feb 26 14:16:52 UTC 2013

I'm having trouble with Typo growing roughly linearly with the number of 
requests, even if the requests are all for the index page.  The first 
hit results in slightly more growth (~11MB) which is understandable.  But 
after that each request increases memory usage by ~2MB, all the way up to 
100 requests.

Here's a graph of memory usage over number of requests:

(The numbers that went into this graph are below.)

So far, the only tool I have to mitigate this unbounded memory growth is 
the PassengerMaxRequests directive.

I see some emails from a long while back about this, but they refer to 
blog posts that are no longer available:

* Steve Longdo: http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/typo-list/2006-August/003228.html
* Paul R Brown: http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/typo-list/2006-August/003293.html

I tried some profiling with memprof.  I noticed that several more 
ActiveRecord::Relation objects are hanging around after each request. 
Each request leaks two more relations for the Article model, for example. 
But I haven't been able to find what's holding references to those on the 
heap.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong: First of all, my runtime 
object_ids don't match what memprof dumps in JSON, and second of all, 
walking memprof's JSON heap dump from globals indicates that these 
relations are not actually reachable.  As I understand, MRI 1.8.7's 
mark-and-sweep GC should free anything that's unreachable.  Not sure why 
that doesn't add up.  Here's how I'm walking the heap:


Has anyone else:

(a) seen this behavior of memory growth?
(b) figured out how to keep the memory footprint bounded?

When I compare to something like Enki blog, I see that after about two 
requests, the memory usage remains constant no matter how many requests I 
make, so it's not an issue that applies to all Rails apps.  (But Typo has 
so many more features than Enki that I would not want to have to 


Data from graph linked above (# requests vs. KB RSS Memory):

Trial 1
0   101376
1   112368
2   114540
3   115336
4   116164
5   118564
10  129260
20  147240
30  166068
40  224064
50  241928
60  261136
70  279324
80  296388
90  313772
100 332036

Trial 2
0   101376
1   113856
2   114556
3   116672
4   119772
5   120716
10  130544
20  145788
30  163160
40  224952
50  243680
60  261700
70  280684
80  298232
90  314856
100 334492

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