[typo] SSL support in Typo

Pramit Roy ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Fri Jul 6 06:05:43 UTC 2012

I can see from application controller that it gets the base URL from
page address which is working fine when I have https in URL. In one case
it gets this_blog.base_url which is retrieved from DB and that was set
during the setup process. As it was http while setting up it had http as
the value. But I fixed that also. The only one thing remaining is from
navigation bar where I have page links printed as
"http://../page/page-permalink". I am sure this is being set apart from
base_url value in controller or blog_base_url value from DB. So could
anyone direct me where from the URLs for "page" in Typo are being

Here is an example blog for you to check


You can see from nav bar below header image that both "Home" and
"Articles" have HTTPS, only "About" page is having HTTP. Which is the
same in admin panel also. That does not work by creating redirect rule
from inside Typo.

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