[typo] SSL support in Typo

Pramit Roy ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Thu Jul 5 17:58:30 UTC 2012

Hey Matijs,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Yes, it possible to access the
new page with https by typing it in the address bar.

I have not changed any base URL setting from the blog code or config.
All I did is to add a default_options for Rack server by adding a module
in script/rails. After that I can access the blog site by putting
https:. Now I have also noticed that for few links (like Home, RSS etc)
the URL is being retrieved from DB (from blog table) which was also not
being changed automatically before I changed it from DB.

Now most of the links that I have checked are OK (coming with https)
only problem is with "Page" section where any page is having "http:" in
its URL.

So now my question is, could you please let me know where can I change
base URL from typo code?
Hopefully that is still adding http and others are using relative path
so getting https (just a theory).

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