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Frederic de Villamil frederic at de-villamil.com
Fri Jul 22 08:02:50 EDT 2011

Le 21 juil. 2011 à 23:29, Jonathan M. Polom a écrit :

> Frederic: Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. I have to say
> typo has awesome support if the main dev responds within two hours to
> a mailing list question. Anyway, I just checked the main page from my
> browser on a different machine than that from which I was experiencing
> problems on and I see the article now. It must have been a cached
> page. I figured since it looked like it was loaded via ajax cache
> wouldn't have been an issue.
> As for the cache clearing step you suggested though, were you
> referring to clearing browser cache or some kind of cache for the typo
> application? I looked in the typo admin panel under settings and found
> no such mention of "cache." Just curious for the future. I assume you
> mean browser cache.
> Thanks a lot.

Hi Jonathan,

You're lucky: I'm in vacation and the weather has just been horrible for a week, which explains why I've been so fast relying. 

This aside, depending on which Typo version you're running, you may find the link to the cache clearing page at http://<yourblog>/admin/cache 

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