[typo] [ANN] Typo 6.0.2 is out

de Villamil Frédéric frederic at de-villamil.com
Sat Jan 29 07:01:07 EST 2011

Hi list,

Coming only 11 days after Typo 6.0, Typo 6.0.2 is the third release of the Irving Penn series. This is both another bug fixing release, and the beggining of a new feature oriented one, and despite the minor version number and the very little time between releases, it's an important one as it makes Typo 6.0 series stable enough to be production ready.

Many thanks to Ollivier Robert for improving the French translation. and Luuk Hendriks for various bug reporting.

What's new in Typo 6.0.2?

Typo is now Thread safe enabled by default. If you wonder what thread safe is about, you should read this question and answer post at http://blog.headius.com/2008/08/qa-what-thread-safe-rails-means.html. 

Typo was lacking a recent dark background theme. This error is now fixed with True Red, a brown and red port of default theme True Blue. This theme is now running on our official blog. This is also the starting point of a deep thoughts about themes framework.

Typo now comes with various ways to display date and time on your blog posts. This will allow European and American users to display dates the way they want without having to hack their templates. Existing themes will automatically profit from that improvement.

As usual, French translation was improved. This is not perfect, but we're still working on it.

Matijs has also done lots of code cleaning and refactoring, with the goal of making Typo Ruby 1.9.2 compliant very soon.

For a comprehensive list of fixed bugs, please read our full release note at http://blog.typosphere.org/release-of-typo-6-0-2-irving-penn.html

All the best,
Your Typo team

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