[typo] Fresh ruby 187, rails 3.0.0 and typo 6.0.3 install does not work

Matijs van Zuijlen matijs at matijs.net
Wed Feb 2 04:35:48 EST 2011

Hi Jaymin,

It seems rake tries to use ruby 1.9.1 instead of 1.8.7. Can you try 
running the following:

   bundle exec rake db:create

This should force the use of the correct ruby and gems.

If that doesn't work, can you check where each ruby version is in your path?


On 02/02/2011 07:49, Jaymin Shah wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been trying to install Typo 6.0.3 with fresh box after installing
> Ruby187 and Rails 3.0.3.
> Bundle install command runs very smoothly.
> However, when I try to create database with command “rake db:create”.
> Application always shows error in window indicating “application failed
> to start because msvcrt-ruby191.dll was not found. Reinstalling may fix
> this problem”. (I am using windows). Following log is displayed.
> C:\typo-6.0.3>rake db:create
> (in C:/typo-6.0.3)
> rake aborted!
> no such file to load -- 1.8/bluecloth_ext
> c:/ruby187/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2383:in
> `raw_load_rakefile'
> (See full trace by running task with --trace)
> It seems that one or more gems being used with application is expecting
> ruby191 dll file mentioned above.
> Any help would  be highly appreciated.
> regards,
> Jaymin

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