[typo] [ANN] Release of Typo 6.0.6 – a huge one

Frederic de Villamil frederic at de-villamil.com
Tue Aug 2 18:17:06 EDT 2011

Le 2 août 2011 à 21:16, Petri Wessman a écrit :

> On 08/02/2011 02:20 PM, Frederic de Villamil wrote:
>> Hello,
>> 5 weeks after releasing Typo 6.0.5, we're proud to release Typo 6.0.6 into the wild.
> Grats on the release! Just to rain on your parade a tiny bit, I'll
> report a few issues:
> - for some reason, loading up the Dashboard takes a very long time. This
> happens both on my local installation and on the demo installation at
> http://demo.typosphere.org/admin
> - the image upload bug I reported earlier (the one you could not
> replicate) is still there. *And* it also seems to exist on the
> http://demo.typosphere.org installation so it's not just a local issue
> on my end. I just tried to upload a 45k jpeg image to
> demo.typosphere.org (via admin/Media) and got the same buggy result: no
> image uploaded, just a 54 byte file. The first attempt was with Chrome,
> I tried again with Firefox just to be sure: same result. Also tried from
> another Windows computer, to make sure it's not a Linux browser thing.
> Nope, same problem.
> So you now have a place where you can replicate the bug:
> demo.typosphere.org :) Log in as admin and try to upload a (jpeg) image
> and see what happens.

Just a followup about those bugs.

Timeout was solved on Master by changing the request sent to Google to fetch your last backlinks.

File upload bug seems to be Rails related. The code was not modified at least since 6.0.4 (and probably before), and using Typo 6.0.6 with Rails 3.0 fixes the whole thing (but breaks some other). We're still working on finding a workaround and will let you updated as soon as we find something.

We will release a new Typo version as soon as these 2 bugs are fixed.

Best regards,

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