[typo] Integrating Paperclip

Gabriel Williams ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Mon Sep 13 18:24:24 EDT 2010

I just started using Typo and have it installed on Heroku.  Heroku
doesn't allow files to be written to disk (at least not permanently) so
I'm thinking of using Paperclip to handle file uploads and persisting on
Amazon S3.  So I have a couple questions:

1. Has anyone else integrated Paperclip (or any other file upload plugin
that supports S3 like attachment-fu) with Typo before?

2. It looks like there are two separate components where Typo handles
uploading files, the filemanager stuff and the CKeditorController.  Is
that actually the case or is there something I'm missing?  I've just
started to dive into the code and dig around so I wouldn't be surprised
if I've overlooked something.

Thanks for any help or pointers.

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