[typo] Keywords Size Limit

Toby Bryans toby-typo at bryans.org
Tue Apr 20 04:57:51 EDT 2010


I'm running typo on a postgres database for a choir website
(http://amicichamberchoir.org.uk/ if you're interested) and I try to put
the name of the composers of each piece sung in each concert in the tags
of the entry. This is fine, until I hit 254 characters which I have
done, for example in the latest entry.

This causes a problem because in the contents table the kewords column
is set to: character varying(255). Some questions:

1) Would it be possible to increase the size of this column so a larger
string can be put in that column in a future release?

2) Will it cause problems for future upgrades if I change the size of
this column now?

3) There's got to be a better way of referencing tags to articles rather
than parsing a long string. Are there plans to improve this in the
future? I'm thinking in terms of having a table that consists of
contents_id, tag_id tuples. Am I wrong in thinking that that would be
better? I imagine it isn't an easy change though.



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