[typo] Typo Blog eMail Notification

Fabiano Francesconi fabiano.francesconi at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 06:36:15 EDT 2010

Hello guys,
I'd like to setup typo blog to send mail notification whenever an user
posts a comment.

I guess there's something unclear around this topic since I can't find
an official documentation explaining how really does work email

However, the things are:
* Can Typo send a notification to me (the blog-maintainer) when an user
posts a comment?
* Can Typo send a notification to every user that had commented some
blog-post when another user (or me) reply to the same post?
* Does typo allow users to subscribe to comments or new articles?
* Can I set typo to use my gmail account to send emails? 

I'm sorry if there's a page that explain this but I can't find it.

Thank you
Fabiano Francesconi [GPG key: 0x81E53461]

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