[typo] Blog defaulting to rss feed

Matijs van Zuijlen matijs at matijs.net
Wed Sep 2 09:02:36 EDT 2009

Michael Dever wrote:
> All of a sudden my blog seems to be defaulting to an rss feed inside of 
> firefox.
> It's at http://blog.michaelcdever.com and I checked it in Firefox 2 & 3, 
> both with the same result. It was working just fine last night. If I run 
> dispatch.fcgi it outputs the html for the blog as I would expect.

It seems to be working ok now. I'm assuming you switchted to 
dispatch.fcgi for now?

> Anyone have any ideas??

Can you check the contents of the file index.html in the public/ 
subdirectory of your typo installation? Is it RSS or html?


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