[typo] comment create/prefix urls buggy in typo 5.3 (with url-prefix)

Petri Wessman orava at iki.fi
Thu Oct 8 05:39:46 EDT 2009

Matijs van Zuijlen wrote:
> Petri Wessman wrote:
>> It's not like it cannot see the url-prefix conf
>> setting in typo -- everything else except the comment URLs obeys that
>> setting just fine.
> I'll have a look at it: I have typo deployed in a sub-URL myself, so this
> problem should be affecting me as well.

Thanks. Looking at the theme (Scribbish), it seems that those URLs are
generated by @article.comment_url and @article.preview_comment_url (in
_comment_form.html.erb), which seem to be generating the URLs without
the prefix. I hacked those in article.rb as a quick fix, but didn't know
enough about Typo's internals to do it right.

I also tried switching to some of the other themes, but all of them
seemed to have the same problem.


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