[typo] comment create/prefix urls buggy in typo 5.3 (with url-prefix)

Petri Wessman orava at iki.fi
Sun Oct 4 12:34:52 EDT 2009

Hi, just upgraded to 5.3 (from 5.0, I think) and noticed that my
comments were no longer working. A bit of digging gave me the source: it
seems that the urls for the comment creation (and preview) were not
including the url-prefix (in typo config).

So instead of /prefix/to/my/blog/comments?article_id=xxx, I was getting
just /comments?article_id=xxx -- which failed obviously, since I run
multiple Typo blogs on the server and need the prefix-url functionality.

For now I patched it in a quick&dirty way in articles.rb (hardcoded some
paths :), but that of course is no good long-term solution ;).

Otherwise looks nice. My wife had some problems with the Atom feeds
acting in a funky way, but that seems to have gone away now after some
typo cache cleaning and a few Passenger restarts.


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