[typo] Ruby 1.9 questions

Edward Middleton emiddleton at bebear.net
Mon Nov 16 10:32:19 EST 2009

Edward Middleton wrote:
> Perry Smith wrote:
>> Edward Middleton wrote:
>>> Perry Smith wrote:
>>>> Second, am I the first explore of these here Typo, Ruby 1.9
>>>> netherlands?  Anyone wanna combine efforts?
>>> I have pretty much finished porting to 1.9.1 but
>> Cool... your typo repository looks a bit stale right now.  Do you plan
>> to push your changes up soon?
> Will do when I get a chance,

Rather then put it off for longer I have pushed most/all of my changes
for 1.9.1 support[1].  It needs my forked versions of mysql-ruby, soap4r
and actionwebservices.


1. http://github.com/emiddleton/typo/commits/ruby_1_9

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