[typo] Atom feed is fragile?!?

Rick DeNatale rick.denatale at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 12:31:48 EDT 2009

I'm having lots of problems getting the atom feed for my blog to validate.
One issue was in my article about the text filter I had the following
snippet in the post


To show an example of how to use the new macro.  It looked fine when viewing
the page, but Safari and other browsers can't read the atom feed because
somehow the <typo:tweetmeme> is being put into the feed without any

I tried ALL kinds to ways to fix this, like changing < to &lt; and > to &gt;
but the feed still had the bare tag.  I finally had to resort to replacing
the example with an IMAGE.

But as I try to work through other feed validation errors I run into things
like spurious </div> tags that I can't find in the page source.  Some of
these I've tracked down to errors in my articles (I have a tendency to user

Is anyone else seeing things like this.

For what it's worth I'm currently using the Typographic theme.

Rick DeNatale

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