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Ben Burdick bburdick at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 15:49:49 EDT 2009

Hey Rick,

Is there any other Ben Burdick? ;) Glad to hear that you got your  
server trouble squared away.

There is a great article over at Slicehost on how to get passenger  
rocking on Ubuntu, here http://articles.slicehost.com/2009/2/2/ubuntu-intrepid-mod_rails-installation 
  - although, that article has you installing "apache2-mpm-prefork"  
and I would suggest installing "apache2-mpm-worker" instead, as that  
seems to be preferred by passenger and uses less memory.


On Mar 24, 2009, at 12:41 PM, Rick DeNatale wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 12:38 AM, Ben Burdick <bburdick at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
> I believe that it is most likely the actionwebservice gem (which  
> typo depends on) you have installed that is making the call to  
> actionpack 1.13.3
> Try this: sudo gem install datanoise-actionwebservice --source http://gems.github.com
> That you will you the latest maintained version of actionwebservice  
> that doesn't depend on legacy gems.
> Ben
> Thanks, that got me past that.
> Are you the Ben Burdick I know?
> I've now gotten Typo 5.2 running under passenger on my macbook, and  
> thanks to a friend who'd saved my RSS feeds managed to re-enter the  
> articles which hadn't gotten backed up before the crash.
> My next goal is to set this up to deploy to my Ubuntu server using  
> capistrano, passenger, and git for the code repository.  Does anyone  
> know of a good how-to, to save me struggling though myself?
> Besides the deployment questions, I'm a little confused by the new  
> article editing UI.  The old UI had separate labeled areas for the  
> section of the article to be shown on the main page, and for  
> extended content (if any).  Now there's an unlabeled text area with  
> a section below for an excerpt. I tried using the excerpt for what  
> goes on the main page, but it still shows the whole article there.  
> How is this supposed to work now.  My preferences are to be able to  
> excerpt articles on the main page, but put the whole article in RSS  
> feeds.
> I feel a little bit like Rip Van WInkle (or maybe Woody Allen's  
> character in Sleeper) having fallen asleep in Typo 4.1, and waken up  
> in 5.2
> -- 
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