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de Villamil Frédéric frederic at de-villamil.com
Tue Mar 24 13:46:41 EDT 2009

> Besides the deployment questions, I'm a little confused by the new  
> article editing UI.  The old UI had separate labeled areas for the  
> section of the article to be shown on the main page, and for  
> extended content (if any).  Now there's an unlabeled text area with  
> a section below for an excerpt. I tried using the excerpt for what  
> goes on the main page, but it still shows the whole article there.  
> How is this supposed to work now.  My preferences are to be able to  
> excerpt articles on the main page, but put the whole article in RSS  
> feeds.
> I feel a little bit like Rip Van WInkle (or maybe Woody Allen's  
> character in Sleeper) having fallen asleep in Typo 4.1, and waken up  
> in 5.2

Hi Rick,

Thank you for your feedback, which is the first of the kind since I  
changed the editing UI to something more compact (and still subject to  
changes after the nex release, I'm sketching something in this way)

The following is true if you're using 5.2.98 / git master code.

When I redesigned the editing UI, I wanted something more easy and  
straightforward to use for both people starting with Typo and people  
migrating from Wordpress / Movable Type / Whatever. The body /  
extended contents have been merged into one editor, with a "more"  
button to separate them, actually like on most CMS.

Excerpt is a content that will appear on the "list" pages (home,  
category, tags), but not on the post itself. It is currently a bit  
brocken, and there is a ticket open for this issue. Next release is  
due this week-end according our roadmap. This is the last known bug we  
have to fix before this, so expect things to work when we release.  
Expect also some more documented UI where it makes sense at that time.

Frédéric / neuro` on #typo

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