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Tue Mar 24 05:07:40 EDT 2009

Le 24 mars 09 à 05:38, Ben Burdick a écrit :

> I believe that it is most likely the actionwebservice gem (which  
> typo depends on) you have installed that is making the call to  
> actionpack 1.13.3
> Try this: sudo gem install datanoise-actionwebservice --source http://gems.github.com
> That you will you the latest maintained version of actionwebservice  
> that doesn't depend on legacy gems.
> Ben


We've been awared of that, and of a looping conflict with AWS when you  
don't have it and want to run rake gems:install.

So we've vendored AWS 2.2.2 in the current branch with will_paginate  
(and every github hosted gems since gem deps doesn't handle non  
rubyforged hosted dependencies). This will be in the next release due  
by the end of the week.

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