[typo] Where to get relative links within a view template?

Tobias Weisserth tobias.weisserth at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 06:16:51 EDT 2009

Hi everybody,

in my view templates, I have a meta navigation bar in the header, that
renders links to the administration login page, an about page and an imprint
page. So far, I hard-coded these links. This is bad.

So what's the proper way to generate these links? The link to the admin page
should be easy as it is static. I thought about using the Blog class, I
noticed a method there to retrieve the base url and just concatenate the
admin page behind that.

Would I need to come up with some kind of plugin that does the rest, thus
generating links to pages? Or can I touch the routes/controller behaviour to
create a mapping there manually after creating the pages I need (about,


Tobias W.
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