[typo] Problem with trackbacks

Cyril Mougel cyril.mougel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 05:45:01 EDT 2009

Harry Seldon wrote:
> If you go to this post for instance, 
> http://harryseldon.thinkosphere.com/2009/02/03/read-your-rails-heroes 
> you go to the first trackback you will see "Organized by [Ruby 
> France](http://www.rubyfrance.org/) and [Sun 
> Microsystems](http://fr.sun.com/), " The [] are there because Markdown 
> is not parsed. I would like it to be parsed in the trackbacks (or that 
> the trackbacks to be sent parsed, that is in html and not in text).
> Makes sense?
Ok, I understand. We made an error when we ping some URL. We don't 
transform. We need transform before send trackback. Because if you 
trackback another blog engine, this can't transform markdown. So we need 
transform before.

If you want transform this trackback in your intance you need update 
your data. All trackabck can't be transform after receive. Because We 
don't know how filter is use.

Cyril Mougel

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