[typo] Issues Typo 5.2

Cyril Mougel cyril.mougel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 06:31:06 EDT 2009

Vito Botta wrote:
> Hi Frédéric, Cyril,
> first of all, many thanks for Typo! I was looking for a blog engine in 
> rails and Typo seems to be the richest in features.
> I have previously tried Mephisto, but while it was very easy to get up 
> and running with no issues, it has many less features.
> Sorry if I am emailing both of you, but - while I am an experienced 
> .NET developer - I am a novice with rails and have some issues with 
> typo, and didn't know who of you to contact for this. :)
> I have a little number of questions...I hope you can help me! :)
There are a Mailing list of Typo user. I reply to this list and you and 
me in copy. Frederic is really busy this time.

If you want more information about how contact our community :


> 1) I have deployed Typo on a VPS with webistrano, the blog is now 
> active (although still empty) and I have selected a template that I 
> like, but it is behaving somehow in a weird way. If for example I make 
> even minor changes to the template (for example to hide the css/html 
> validators links - which anyway do not work properly - so even small 
> changes), and then deploy these changes, I often get a bunch of 
> 500-errors whenever I move around the admin section, and more likely 
> whenever I try to save some settings or post an article or page. This 
> happens every time, and it only seems to go away (am not sure yet), if 
> I restart apache a number of times.
> As said I am a novice with rails, so I have no idea why this would 
> happen with your blog - please note that I am using passenger+ruby 
> enterprise edition, and that I have other applications running on that 
> VPS, but I have only seen this issue with Typo.
 * Which version of Typo ?
 * What say your error in production.log ?

> 2) I haven't completely understood how the caching works. When I add 
> or change an article or page, only sometimes do I see the changes 
> reflected immediately in the blog, unless - it seems - I clear the 
> cache each time from within the Settings page. This happens, it seems, 
> regardless which caching mode I choose. What is the difference between 
> the two modes, btw?
There are some change in Typo 5.3 not release. Now we use only caching 
by page. In version before, we are a little issue, when you want change 
your cache. You need restart your server. And If before you use the 
cache static, you need delete all html file generated in your public 
> 3) Are there any plugins or such, to enable Disqus, Outbrain with 
> Typo? I would like to be open to Disqus' community, in particular.
There are no Sidebar about this community.

> 4) I have read that I can use external editors to publish my posts, by 
> selecting the Movable API and the URL 
> http://typo.vitobotta.com/backend/xmlrpc (which is a temporary domain 
> to test typo). I have tried with Google Docs, but it says "There was 
> an unexpected problem (Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for 
> URL: http://typo.vitobotta.com/backend/xmlrpc?rnd2141505742=289332855) 
> <http://typo.vitobotta.com/backend/xmlrpc?rnd2141505742=289332855%29>.".
We need some error to understand better. but a Bug speak about that :


Maybe it's the same.

Cyril Mougel

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