[typo] Problem with trackbacks

Matijs van Zuijlen matijs at matijs.net
Tue Mar 3 02:18:43 EST 2009

Harry Seldon wrote:
> For the trackbacks, can they be tested in development? Because I create 
> a post with [test]( and I 
> see nothing in this article 21.

If you're just running one instance (i.e., you started typo by running
./script/server), it won't work: You need one instance of typo sending
the trackback, and one recieving it.

Once upon a time, the trackbacks and pingbacks were sent in a separate
thread to overcome this problem, but it was difficult to get right
because Rails was not thread-safe, so this was removed.

On my own blog, I've been using a modified typo that still uses a
separate thread, but I recently discovered it was broken. I fixed it,
but it needs further testing. I'll see if I can upload this one of these


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