[typo] Problem with trackbacks

Harry Seldon ruby-forum-incoming at andreas-s.net
Fri Feb 27 18:29:22 EST 2009

Hey guys,

I have some small problems with the trackbacks generated by my own site
on my own site. Weirdly the address to trackback from has one
supplementary "http://:" .
You can check it here:
in the trackbacks .

Moreover, as you can see, Markdown is not interpreted in the trackback,
therefore that makes ugly trackbacks.

Is it only on my blog ?

I run Typo 5.2 (stable).

And about trackbacks do they work well on external sites? I have not
really tested them recently but some time ago it looked like they were
not working that well. But maybe it was only me not knowing that much
how to use them. Do you use them, can you confirm they are working well?

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