[typo] being stupid with Enterprise Ruby and Typo from github

Matijs van Zuijlen matijs at matijs.net
Tue Feb 24 15:14:44 EST 2009

Amol Hatwar wrote:
>> In this case, that was the cause of a lot of trouble. I checked out
>> typo from github with the vendor/rails directory existing. It would be
>> best I guess to delete it upstream.
> If it causes problems, I guess it indeed would be best.

Sadly, that has no effect on existing vendor/rails directories: Git just
doesn't track directories as separate units.

>> As soon as I'm back home I am also going to update the Typo Wiki on
>> github as to what gems you need to have so typo will work after checkout.
> Also, it will be a neat idea to require gems right in the
> config/environment.rb. Recent rails have a config.gem statement that
> allows you to do just this -- define gem dependencies.

config.gem is very useful, and is used for other dependencies for type,
but it doesn't work properly for rspec-rails: Specifying that gem in
config/environment.rb makes rails always use the test database :-(.


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