[typo] missing helper articles_by_month_path

de Villamil Frédéric frederic at de-villamil.com
Sun Feb 22 11:37:52 EST 2009

Le 22 févr. 09 à 12:22, Darius a écrit :

> Hi,
> i use lastest typo from github, when running index page, i get  
> fallowing error
> Showing vendor/plugins/archives_sidebar/views/content.rhtml where  
> line #6 raised:
> articles_by_month_url failed to generate from  
> {:month 
> =>"02", :controller=>"articles", :year=>"2009", :action=>"index"},  
> expected: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"index"}, diff:  
> {:month=>"02", :year=>"2009"}
> if in content.rhtml I comment this line, all works fine.


Cyril has been doing lots of changes on our github master (which is  
NOT supposed to be stable and production ready), and I think he didn't  
update the plugins. Please, open a ticket if you want (or better,  
fork, update and ask for pull on github :-))


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