[typo] [ANN] Release of Typo 5.4.1

de Villamil Frédéric frederic at de-villamil.com
Sun Dec 27 19:32:25 EST 2009

Good evening,

Only 1 week after releasing Typo 5.4, we're back with another Typo release. Since it was fixing a major security breach, we had to release Typo 5.4 was released a bit faster than we expected, and we left some unfixed bugs here and there. Typo 5.4.1 is a bugfix version and should be considered as the first stable of the 5.4 series. 

Don't expect any new feature here, it's only about bug fixing and code refactoring. We also started to work on the first Typo user's guide as part of our documentation effort. The 0.1 version is provided in Typo 5.4.1. We've also upgraded every theme at Typogarden to make them 5.4.1 compliant.

Now that we've made Typo 5.4 slightly more stable, we're open for any request for enhancement. So don't mind  opening a ticket if you feel something is missing.

[#68] Atom feed has duplicated content
There was a duplicate content in atom feed because of the use of atom:summary with extended content. Since summary is not mandatory, and it should not duplicate content, we've decided to remove it one from the feed. 

[#75] <typo:code> textfilter need change all < by &lt; in atom feed

[#86] Migrations out of necessary sequence

[#124] &gt; and &lt; entities are decoded in the atom feed

[#126] Previews give an application error 

[#127] Changing post's title changes the permalink slug

[#128] Fix typogarden themes
Seems obvious isn't it?

[#130] Theme editor textbox is too small
There was actually wet paint in our new admin. We fixed that quickly.

[#131] New Tags are created two times
The way autosave on new / saved articles worked was quite complicated and ended with strange behavior.

[#132] Categories are brocken
A typo in the category views.

[#133] Installer parameter database=sqlite3 doesn't work
Awated parameter was database=sqlite, but since this could be confusing, we've made sqlite3 avaliable as well.

[#134] "Continue reading ..." link appears for posts that do not have additional content. 
This one was actually the tree hiding the forest of all our themes being brocken because it constant renaming of the read controller and action name.

Have a happy new year
Your Typo team

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