[typo] Typo 5.3.x on rails 2.3.3

Edward Middleton emiddleton at bebear.net
Tue Aug 4 12:09:31 EDT 2009

de Villamil Frédéric wrote:
> I've merged your code with HEAD, and everything seems to be alright
> despite some tests failing for some rendering issues I need to investigate.

Were these tests working before.  When I looked at these tests it apears
everything is being rendered as markdown and the test presume it should
be rendered as textile. I removed textile support in my local version
and so changed all these to the correct behavior for markdown.  Removing
redcloth might also be the reason for the smaller (50mb) memory
footprint, but I will have to investigate further.

> I've also switched my 2 production blogs to 2.3.3 and everything is
> going smoothly. http://en.t37.net sticks at 73mb instead of 80 before.
> http://t37.net uses 87mb instead of the usual 490 (never understood why
> though), so it's a great improvement.
> I think we'll be able to release soon a 5.4 version. I still have a list
> of things I want to fix before.
> Thank you to all the contributors (never had that much since I tool over
> the project)

Not a problem,  There is is a bit more but it wasn't related to changing
 to 2.3.3 so I didn't upload it yet.  I would like to get typo running
on ruby 1.9.1. I think that might generate a bit more interest in the

I will be on holidays for a week from this Friday so don't expect
anything before I return.



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