[typo] Cross-thread violation & how I fixed the problem

Matijs van Zuijlen matijs at matijs.net
Tue Apr 28 07:14:13 EDT 2009

Thomas Gallaway wrote:
> I just spent 2 days figuring this out but it seems the issue is one of 
> the gems in the vendor/gems directory.

Thanks a lot for doing this figuring out.

> Machine is a Mac Mini G4 1.25ghzisch with 10.4.6isch? (Anybody else 
> dislike the new intel mac's? ;-) )

He he, that reminds me I have an iBook G3 running Ubuntu I could test 
this on.

> [...] 
> We have migrationage!


> Oh I then ran
> lhc:/var/www/atomlab atom$ sudo rake gems:unpack
> Password:
> (in /private/var/www/atomlab)
> Unpacked gem: '/private/var/www/atomlab/vendor/gems/coderay-0.8.312'
> Unpacked gem: '/private/var/www/atomlab/vendor/gems/htmlentities-4.0.0'
> Unpacked gem: '/private/var/www/atomlab/vendor/gems/json-1.1.4'
> Unpacked gem: 
> '/private/var/www/atomlab/vendor/gems/calendar_date_select-1.15'

One thing I wonder is whether migrations still work now that you did the 

Fellow developers, do we still need the unpacked gems in vendor/gems, or 
can we just have them installed?


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