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Le 26 avr. 09 à 01:51, Jay Levitt a écrit :

> I'm just importing my Movable Type blog into Typo 5.3.  A few random  
> questions:

Great! Can we know the reason of the switch please?

> 1. It looks like the spam filtering only scans when comments/ 
> trackbacks are initially created. Is there a way to get it to re- 
> scan everything against Akismet?

This is not possible yet, but I add it to the "Maybe someday" task list.

> 2. The admin UI is a little confusing and inconsistent with article  
> links. Sometimes they take me to an editor window where I can edit  
> the article (from the Content tab); sometimes to the view of the  
> article itself (from the Dashboard), sometimes to a list of comments  
> that doesn't include the original article (from the Feedback tab).  
> Sometimes those URLs use the article ID, sometimes the full SEO URL..

I know, I've recorded every usability issue and plan to fix them when  
I have some time. Admin was revamped screen after screen, without any  
coherence (which sucks, because designing UI is my job)

> The result: If I'm looking at feedback, and I want to see the  
> original post in context, I have to click on the article name to see  
> the comments list, and click on the article name again to see the  
> edit-the-article screen. That URL uses the article ID, but I don't  
> know the route for "view an article by ID" (if there even is one) so  
> that doesn't help. But from here, I can see which categories the  
> article's in, and then I can go look at the real blog to drill down  
> by category.. oy!
> I feel like there's an opportunity for redesign, but I'm not sure  
> what, exactly.

It's planned, don't worry

> - Is there any way to view trackbacks from the admin UI? The  
> Feedback tab will list the trackbacks, but their excerpts are just  
> the article title (unless that's only for MT-imported trackbacks?)

I know, it's a bug, and it will be fixed in the next release.

> - Are there any useful blogs I should follow, besides typosphere  
> itself?

Unfortunately, the 2 most active mainteners are french, and we're  
blogging in French. I plan to blog about Typo in english too so that  
people can follow me. You can follow my thoughts on http://t37.net/category/typo/ 
  through google translate or Yahoo! pipes if you want. Cyril's blog  
is blog.shingara.fr.

> Thanks!

You're welcome

> Jay Levitt
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