[typo] First-time user questions

Jay Levitt lists-typo at jay.fm
Sat Apr 25 19:51:51 EDT 2009

I'm just importing my Movable Type blog into Typo 5.3.  A few random questions:

1. It looks like the spam filtering only scans when comments/trackbacks are 
initially created. Is there a way to get it to re-scan everything against 

2. The admin UI is a little confusing and inconsistent with article links. 
Sometimes they take me to an editor window where I can edit the article 
(from the Content tab); sometimes to the view of the article itself (from 
the Dashboard), sometimes to a list of comments that doesn't include the 
original article (from the Feedback tab). Sometimes those URLs use the 
article ID, sometimes the full SEO URL..

The result: If I'm looking at feedback, and I want to see the original post 
in context, I have to click on the article name to see the comments list, 
and click on the article name again to see the edit-the-article screen. That 
URL uses the article ID, but I don't know the route for "view an article by 
ID" (if there even is one) so that doesn't help. But from here, I can see 
which categories the article's in, and then I can go look at the real blog 
to drill down by category.. oy!

I feel like there's an opportunity for redesign, but I'm not sure what, exactly.

- Is there any way to view trackbacks from the admin UI? The Feedback tab 
will list the trackbacks, but their excerpts are just the article title 
(unless that's only for MT-imported trackbacks?)

- Are there any useful blogs I should follow, besides typosphere itself?


Jay Levitt

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