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Le 16 avr. 09 à 06:50, Erik Ostrom a écrit :

> [I sent this a couple of days ago, but it doesn't seem to have made  
> it to the archive, which makes me think it didn't go out to the  
> list. Apologies if you get it twice. The update is, I've fixed the  
> first two issues, and some others, in my fork of the code (http://github.com/eostrom/typo/tree/master 
> ). Haven't pursued the BlueCloth performance problem.]
> Hi. I'm checking out Typo, with an eye to switching my WordPress  
> blog away from it. It's neat that there's a WordPress converter, but  
> it doesn't seem to go as far as it could. The first three issues  
> I've found:
> 	• It didn't honor the 'more' line in my WordPress posts, although  
> it did copy the 'more' line over. If I go to each post's edit page  
> and then save it without making any edits, the 'more' line takes  
> effect.
> 	• It copied all my spam comments over from WordPress, but didn't  
> mark them as spam in Typo. That's how I got 304 comments on a pretty  
> obscure post.
> 	• When I went to look at the post with 304 comments, it took long  
> enough that I opted to shut down the server instead. It's not  
> surprising that 304 comments would take a long time, but it turns  
> out generating HTML for just one comment takes roughly 30 seconds.  
> It was a long comment, but that's excessive.
> I'd be happy to try to help fix any or all of these - I think I have  
> a grip on the first two problems already. I wanted to get some  
> guidance on a few things:
> 	• It seems the slow part of rendering those comments is BlueCloth.  
> First, I don't think these comments are even in Markdown (the legit  
> ones or the spam). It looks like the default in WordPress is "HTML  
> plus blank-lines-indicate-paragraphs". Should I just set the filter  
> for these comments to something else? (If so, what?)
> 	• Is BlueCloth really this slow? I noticed that last week marked  
> the release of BlueCloth 2, which speeds things up dramatically by  
> using Discount (written in C). Is there any interest in updating  
> Typo to include this new version?
> 	• There don't seem to be any tests for the converters, and I intend  
> to uphold that tradition. I also don't plan to get my hands on a  
> WordPress 2.5 database; I'm using 2.6. Should I just copy the wp25  
> converter to wp26, make it work for me, and leave wp25 alone?
> Thanks
> --Erik Ostrom
>   erik at echographia.com

Hi Erik,

My apologies. I had your message and seen your patch, but I honnestly  
had no time to have a look at it. I know Matisj did it, and since he  
has the commit bit, I think I'll leave this part to him. He already  
replied sooner this morning.


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