[typo] Atom feed is fragile?!?

Cyril Mougel cyril.mougel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 16:12:39 EDT 2009

Rick DeNatale a écrit :
> I'm having lots of problems getting the atom feed for my blog to 
> validate.
> One issue was in my article about the text filter I had the following 
> snippet in the post
> <typo:code>
> <typo:tweetmeme>
> </typo:code>
> To show an example of how to use the new macro.  It looked fine when 
> viewing the page, but Safari and other browsers can't read the atom 
> feed because somehow the <typo:tweetmeme> is being put into the feed 
> without any escaping.
> I tried ALL kinds to ways to fix this, like changing < to &lt; and > 
> to &gt; but the feed still had the bare tag.  I finally had to resort 
> to replacing the example with an IMAGE.
> But as I try to work through other feed validation errors I run into 
> things like spurious </div> tags that I can't find in the page source. 
>  Some of these I've tracked down to errors in my articles (I have a 
> tendency to user xhtml.
> Is anyone else seeing things like this.
> For what it's worth I'm currently using the Typographic theme.
This issue seem appear only with typo:code text-filter.

Our text filter don't change tag inside. If you don't close your tag, 
the problem appear.

I fix it in next commit made soon as possible.

I create a bug in lighthouse about your issue 

Cyril Mougel

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