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Mon Oct 20 17:39:57 EDT 2008

Le 20 oct. 08 à 19:24, Bill McGonigle a écrit :

> On Oct 15, 2008, at 03:32, Urban Hafner wrote:
>> Bill McGonigle wrote:
>>> Is anybody updating their Twitter feed automatically with Typo?
>> I just use the JavaScript/HTML provided by Twitter. It produces plain
>> HTML so it integrates fairly well into the layout. And of course  
>> there's
>> no need for a password, as your data is public anyway.
> Yeah, I use that too, but what I want is the opposite of that.  I  
> want to update my Twitter feed when I post with Typo. e.g.
>  "Bill just blogged about TITLE_GOES_HERE http://tinyurl.com/foo_bar_baz 
> "
> -Bill

<lazy mode>
Check the Twitter API, if it uses some basic XMLRPC, it will be a  
piece of cake to do, just hack the ping functions to have it send a  
message to twitter when posting. Otherwise, I'm using twittfeed  
service for this
</lazy mode>

Oh, and spec lamentably fail on trunk for everything related to AWS,  
it's due to the new implementation for rails 2.2. It's functionnal,  
but I need to fix the remaining tests.
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