[typo] db:create gives "Unknown database"

Arun Gupta arun.gupta at gmail.com
Thu May 29 20:49:48 EDT 2008

> Okay this is plain silly,
Sorry, but not working for me :(

> what does your config/database.yml show?

It is the one bundled with Typoe 5.0.3 and shown here:

login: &login
  adapter: mysql
  host: localhost
  username: root

  database: typo_dev
  <<: *login

  database: typo_tests
  <<: *login

  database: typo
  <<: *login

> Which Adapter are you using SQLite3? MySQL?
MySQL with JRuby

> If you are using MySQL please create the database, db:create does not create
> the database for you.
Hmmm ...

~/testbed/jruby-1.1.2/bin/jruby -S rails foo -d mysql
cd foo
~/testbed/jruby-1.1.2/bin/jruby -S rake db:create

http://dev.rubyonrails.org/changeset/6849 also says so.

What am I missing ?


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