[typo] install typo in LAN

Huang Jay tomcruizster at gmail.com
Sat May 17 11:30:34 EDT 2008

Hi, I'm a newbie here,
My question is what if i run typo on my own machine while I don't have
a static IP. I just wanna share my typo blog in local area network.
I followed the instruction at
http://typosphere.org/2007/08/26/install-typo. and chose the "Apache +
mod_rails" way.
After intalled all i need and everything went in the right way, I
tried to create a new Apache virtual host in apache2 configuration
file.   I set my ip address to, DocumentRoot to my typo
public folder.  But I don't know how to configure "ServerAdmin"  and

Can someone help me?


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