[typo] Theme downloads...

Tim Freund tim at digital-achievement.com
Thu Mar 20 00:19:52 EDT 2008

Hey Everyone --

I migrated to a new server, and the Typo theme repository
(http://proofread.digital-achievement.com) didn't move all that
gracefully.  I'm in the process of restoring it, but the upload is
taking a while.  (My DSL upload speed leaves much room for improvement).

I hope to get it back up and running before I call it a night, but if it
takes a *really* long time, it won't be until tomorrow night that things
are back to normal.

Just a reminder, if anyone wants to submit patches or new themes, I'm
easy to please: just have an interest in the work and send me the output
of "htpasswd -ns USERNAME".  The username 'tim' is taken, but you're
free to pick anything else.   ;-)

Thanks for your patience,


Tim Freund

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