[typo] Cannot find script headers

Ricky Seltzer rickyseltzer at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 04:18:15 EDT 2008

I have the YSLOW add-in for firefox and it suggested some changes to my Typo
blog.  I want to minify the .js files and change the [script src=stuff.js]
lines.  I cannot find the html that does this.  I've searched under
app\views and it just isn't there.  Is this code in a database?

I shouldn't have to ask a mailing list where the source is.  A normal amount
of documentation would go a long way.  As it is, the blog software isn't too
useful, if I can't find my way around it.  If this is to be open source
software, a planning doc must be available.  And there are almost no
comments in the code.  Is this deliberate obfuscation?

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