[typo] fckeditor with version 5.0.3

Ed Davey ed at veryreal.co.uk
Thu Jun 5 07:48:01 EDT 2008

Hi there,

Firstly, I am really impressed with v5, loads of great new features  
and feels much snappier also.

My clients seem to love FCKeditor, so I'd like to get it working  
properly on a current job.

At present on both my OS X development box and debian production box  
I am getting "Unknown error creating folder" in the Resources Browser  
when I try to "Browse" and if I try to upload a file I get "Error on  
file upload 110". (From the FCKeditor docs I can see that 110 is  
Unknown Error, unhelpfully.)

Is this functionality working for others? Do I need to set it up  
independent of Typo / Ruby using one of the supplied setups such as  
php in filemanager/connectors? If so, I'm a bit mystified how to make  
the php play nicely with rails routing unless I set up a subdomain  
just for this purpose...

Any guidance would be most appreciated!

Many thanks


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