[typo] missing posts after database restore

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Thu Jul 31 03:24:28 EDT 2008


Until I can get the 5.1 series to run, I'm trying to retreat to  
5.0.2, which had been working for me.  I dropped my old db and  
removed the install directory, created new of each, installed using  
the gem/installer, stop mongrel, and get a clean restore of the  
database (at least no complaints) and I can see all of the data in  
both the yaml file and the database itself, but typo says, "No posts  
found..." on the blog's page and the admin interface agrees about no  
posts.  Usernames, passwords, categories, files, all work.

The only logged message is:

Processing ArticlesController#index (for at 2008-07-31  
03:00:40) [GET]
   Session ID: 807e93eef31ec4b2fabcfcffe3c4f654
   Parameters: {"action"=>"index", "controller"=>"articles"}
Filter chain halted as  
0xb69a8c2c @actions=[:index, :read, :show, :archives, :view_page]>]  
Filter chain halted as  
0xb69a8a24 @filter=#<Proc:0xb6f28f80@/opt/typo/vendor/rails/ 
actionpack/lib/action_controller/filters.rb:657>>] did_not_yield.
Completed in 0.00263 (379 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.00021 (7%) | DB:  
0.00000 (0%) | 200 OK [http://example.com/bill/blog]

Before I attempted an upgrade I remove the sidebar plug-ins.

Any thoughts on how to convince typo that articles are there or where  
to look next?

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