[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications (was: Re: Can't update feeds?)

de Villamil Frédéric frederic at de-villamil.com
Thu Jul 17 17:35:03 EDT 2008

Le 17 juil. 08 à 22:30, Scott Likens a écrit :

> On Jul 17, 2008, at 11:36 AM, Chet Farmer wrote:
>> My complaints really began with this very point; recall one of my  
>> original points was the poor state of documentation concerning the  
>> idiosyncratic installation requirements of Typo.
>> If it were more clear why I should consider installing another web  
>> server just to run Typo from Typo's own docs, perhaps I wouldn't be  
>> complaining about the docs.
>>> You have issues with
>>> Typo and want help. Is this really how you ask for help?
>> I certainly wasn't asking Scott for help, and he certainly wasn't  
>> providing any. He jumped in to tell me my assessment of the state  
>> of Ruby/Rails/Typo installation was wrong, which is simply  
>> incorrect. He's offered nothing of value to me in re: my actual  
>> problems.
>> My original posts to this list met with either no response at all,  
>> or, more recently, helpful responses from Frederic. Frankly, I was  
>> surprised, after that, to get Scott's fanboy eruptions. I believe I  
>> dealt with him appropriately, and with a level of grace appropriate  
>> for handling such a poster.
> Perhaps you mistook my emails as a knee-jerk nonsense emails.  But I  
> was trying to get more information to provide some assistance,  
> however I was not getting any valid feedback.  I realize I did not  
> word them in a way that you wanted, however my intent was to get  
> more information to help.
> I searched through old emails trying to find any information of why  
> you could not do this or that, and Truthfully all I could find were  
> posts related to "MarsEdit".  Which those bugs have been fixed in  
> trunk, if you want you can try updating to "Trunk" and see if that  
> fixes your problems?

I've fixed MetaWeblog API tags issues as well in trunk today. However,  
it seems marsedit doesn't support that feature (or didn't found how to  
do so). Other issue for me is that the Metaweblog API provides a  
getCategories method, but no way to getKeywords, which means 2 things :
– Using the metaweblog API won't let you see which tags already exist  
on your blog (our wb based admin interface now have tags autocompletion)
– Editing a post will make you delete every tags used so far from this  
post, unless you remember them and add them by hand.

Regarding the documentation, I've been talking with a friend today  
about what we should provide. Cool things came up, and amongst them  
the fact we should officially support one installation way of self  
hosting Typo, which means the easiest one (obvious heh ?). Having to  
choose between 3 webservers, and 3 ways to serve pages (mod_rails,  
(Fast)CGI and application server) is just too confusing for people. If  
they want to deploy their webserver an exotic way (that's to say  
without Apache + MySQL which are the most widespread things you've  
ever found on the Internet), it's not our problem. However, we'll keep  
the existing docs about exotic configs for information purpose.  
redmine.typosphere.org is a wiki, if someone want to complete... it's  
up to him / her.

Was my 2 cents, now I must leave you, I've a release t finish before  
sunday and I'd love to add some more fancy things if I can (like  
autosave). If anyone want to help instead of just trolling :-)
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