[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications (was: Re: Can't update feeds?)

Chet Farmer chet at nogators.com
Thu Jul 17 14:36:22 EDT 2008

On Jul 17, 2008, at 10:02 AM, Kevin Williams wrote:
> At the time Mongrel came around, no one, and I mean no one, would
> touch the mod_ruby code. Webrick was slow and FastCGI was very buggy
> at best. Zed Shaw stepped up with a strictly-spec-compliant and fast
> web server for Ruby. There was much rejoicing and dancing in the
> streets. You can call it radical if you want to, but it worked very
> well.

I appreciate you giving the backstory here, but having to include  
another web server, though, is not something I'd describe as "easier"  
when compared to other tools that require only one.

>>> Please settle down and ask
>>> polite questions if you truly want to understand and use Typo.
>> If you really think I'm the one that needs to settle down, I think  
>> you must
>> have been reading some other thread.
> I politely asked you to change the tone of your requests, yet you
> continue to be confrontational.

I was confrontational to Scott because his posts were snide, rude,  
useless knee-jerk defenses of his pet stack.

> Please stop. Comments such as "that's
> ridiculous" and "that's a very bad idea" and repeatedly saying "you're
> wrong" when you've clearly shown that you don't understand why things
> are the way they are now is just causing trouble.

My complaints really began with this very point; recall one of my  
original points was the poor state of documentation concerning the  
idiosyncratic installation requirements of Typo.

If it were more clear why I should consider installing another web  
server just to run Typo from Typo's own docs, perhaps I wouldn't be  
complaining about the docs.

> You have issues with
> Typo and want help. Is this really how you ask for help?

I certainly wasn't asking Scott for help, and he certainly wasn't  
providing any. He jumped in to tell me my assessment of the state of  
Ruby/Rails/Typo installation was wrong, which is simply incorrect.  
He's offered nothing of value to me in re: my actual problems.

My original posts to this list met with either no response at all, or,  
more recently, helpful responses from Frederic. Frankly, I was  
surprised, after that, to get Scott's fanboy eruptions. I believe I  
dealt with him appropriately, and with a level of grace appropriate  
for handling such a poster.

"Life has improved immeasurably since I have been forced  to stop  
taking it seriously."  Hunter S. Thompson

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