[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications

Robert Sanford wobbet at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 09:58:10 EDT 2008

Scott blathered thusly....
> It's not my ball, it's everyone else's ball.  I do not suffer the problem of
> a 6-month release cycle, or how painful Ruby on Rails is to deploy.  I
> realize I don't see your pain, so perhaps if you could actually write up a
> way we could make this easier for you?  Because clearly I don't get it, and
> won't get it.  So instead of venting your frustration the way you are,
> please educate us.

Let's see...

Chet said "Doesn't work w/ MarsEdit or TextMate client-side publishing
tools" and Frederic responded saying "You're right, it doesn't in the
release but is in the trunk and wait for the next release."

Chet said "Documentation is sub-optimal" and Frederic responded saying
"You're right, it is sub-optimal because I haven't put too much effort
into it. I'll work on that."

Chet said "Updating the blog is failing" and Frederic responded saying
"You're right, that is a defect that has been fixed in the trunk. It
will be in the next release."

Chet said "Installation and upgrades are somewhat awkward especially
compared to more mature solutions implemented in other languages." and
Frederic and most everyone else said "You're right, they are awkward
due to the options and evolving Ruby platform and we choose to put up
with that because we like Ruby and Typo but we understand your pain."

So now I'm confused - If one of the maintainers is agreeing that
Chet's posted issues are both understandable and valid then why would
you continue arguing?


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