[typo] Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications (was: Re: Can't update feeds?)

Scott Likens damm at livid.dk
Wed Jul 16 20:22:40 EDT 2008

On Jul 16, 2008, at 5:09 PM, JZ wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 4:22 AM, Scott Likens <damm at livid.dk> wrote:
>> To whomever it may concern,
>> I notice the common thread here.  How to deploy typo?
>> There is many ways to deploy typo, the most common is
>> 1) FastCGI.
> We all know, it sucks.

It sucks, but "it takes less memory" to quote someone I know who uses  
Lighttpd + FastCGI.  His rather old RSS Reading application took 250  
Megabytes of memory, for which is "not there" in FastCGI Mode.

>> 2) Mongrel/Webrick
> Nginx with proxy load balancer to cluster of Thin/Ebb (+unix socket)
> processes is a much faster.

If thin supported Streaming (Not Media, but the Mongrel Extension) it  
would be something I would have no issue using.  I've mentioned that  
to the author of Thin and we'll see how that goes.

>> 3) Phusion Passenger (aka mod_rails?)
> This is the best option. Fast and dead brain simple to deploy (just  
> like PHP).
>> Now, there's no real difference with Mongrel/Webrick
> Mongrel is much faster than Webrick. Thin is faster than Mongrel, and
> Ebb is faster than Mongrel or Thin.
>> But those who have come from the "PHP Boat" (as we'll call
>> it, a/k/a wordpress, etc) they just untar files into a directory  
>> edit a few
>> files, loadup their web browser and bam.  It works.
> Phusion mod_passenger  (http://www.modrails.com/) works in the very
> same way. Just copy your files, load web browser and bam. It works.
> Need to reload application? No problem. Create empty restart.txt file
> in the tmp folder. Apache will reload the application. No need to
> restart Apache. No SSH needed. Simple FTP access is all you need.
> mod_passenger works also with others  Ruby frameworks which use
> Rack,e.g. Merb. It even works also with Python... :)
> You also forget mention Ruby Enterprise version which uses 33% less
> memory... It works fine with mod_passenger and lowers the memory
> footprint. http://www.rubyenterpriseedition.com/
> mod_passenger is _the easiest option_  for deployment Rails
> applications (including Typo).
> But, there is also another, 4-th deploy option: JRuby. It is also
> brain dead simple to deploy. Just create WAR file and copy it into
> webapps Tomcat's folder. That's all!
> sudo jruby -S gem install warbler, activerecord-jdbc-adapter
> jruby -S rails my_app
> For developing use: jruby script/server; jruby script/console etc.
> For production, just create  ROOT.war file (with "warble war" command)
> and copy it into webapps folder in Tomcat, Jetty or another Java
> servlets container. This WAR file contains ALL gems (including JRuby
> interpreter) so it works fine in all platforms.

I know a few people who have been deploying Merb apps in Tomcat that  
way.  I understand it's a very easy way to pass off a Merb app as a  
"Java" Webapp without someone knowing what it really is.  As far as  
Ruby Enterprise Version I was not aware of that, but like everything  
you don't always find all the options in 1 concise web page.

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